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Credit management made

Sending invoices, receiving payments and debtor management. POM makes it easy and effective. Take a quick look at how we do this!

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Your benefits

With POM, you'll get paid better, faster, more socially and at a lower cost.

Extensive automation

With POM, you can automate the entire invoice-to-cash process. Combine business rules with machine learning and our algorithms to create your ultimate, self-learning and fully automated debtor process.

Fewer unpaid invoices

Unpaid invoices are disastrous for your cash flow. Create, automate and optimize various debtor processes and reduce the average number of days that your invoices are outstanding.

More happy customers

POM's ease of payment translates into a high average CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score of 93%.

POM's features toolbox

With POM's tools, you can create the ultimate debtor process. A selection of our features.

Build a powerful debtor management process

Build a powerful debtor management process

From sending the invoice to the amicable collection: with POM, you can easily automate the entire debtor process. Design automated processes for outstanding invoices and immediately improve customer experience.

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Deliver invoices directly in the Payconiq by Bancontact app

Deliver invoices directly in the Payconiq by Bancontact app

The Payconiq by Bancontact app is a trusted digital payment environment for millions of Belgians. As a company, you can now deliver payment requests directly in the app. POM is the back-end technology partner of this groundbreaking project.

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QR code on your invoices

QR code on your invoices

Effortless. If we could choose one word to describe the advantage of invoices with QR codes, that would be it. Because an effortless payment process results in many other benefits: fast payment, ease of use, efficiency and less administrative burden.

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Multi-channel billing

Multi-channel billing

With multi-channel billing from POM, you reach your customers through different channels with consistent and personalised messages. Whether you send via e-mail, online portals or by post, customers always receive relevant and fitting communication.

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Installment plans with automatic collections

Installment plans with automatic collections

For those in a difficult financial situation, an installment plan can make a world of difference. Simplify the application procedure for your customers and increase the collection rate with automatic collection plans - powered by POM.

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Go next level with AI

Go next level with AI

Thanks to AI our software knows exactly how your customer prefers to be approached. Through the right channel, at the right time and with the right tone of voice. This way you'll improve both the payment behavior and the payment experience of the customer!

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Benefits for your customers

Payment is the last stage of the customer journey. With POM, you'll turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Easy, fast and secure payment

Enhance the payment experience for your customers with a unique and secure QR code or payment link. Send your invoices directly to the Payconiq by Bancontact app.

No hassle

Retyping payment details is a lousy job. With payment via POM, that is a thing of the past. All details have already been filled in on a convenient payment page.

Always pay correctly

Type in an incorrect amount, enter an incorrect description, or transfer money to another account number? Impossible if the payment is made via POM. Every payment is 100 percent correct.

Flexible payment options

Immediately, deferred or via an installment plan. With POM's flexible payment options, you can offer your customer various payment options.

Online self-service

Change data yourself, issue permissions, make a payment arrangement. Your customers can easily arrange this themselves in their digital customer portal.

Tailor-made for everyone

Give your customers control over their money matters and let them choose a payment solution that suits their financial situation.

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Why POM?

POM unburdens you in a smart, innovative, practical, expert and friendly way. And: with POM you have the entire collection process under one roof!



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+1.5 mio

Payment transactions

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pays on average within 10 days of receipt



CSAT score based on more than 1.4 million reviews

Our customers

Some of the most forward-looking organizations rely on POM.

What our customers say

"We have been working with POM for more than 5 years now. It is an innovative player that thinks along with us and constantly listens to the changing needs of our customers."
Sabine D'haen

Sabine D'haen

Director Billing & Collection

"In POM we found an innovative and reliable partner to continuously improve our patient billing. POM covers the entire process from invoice template management to multi-channel delivery and digital payment options."
Kris Ranson

Kris Ranson

Head of Collections

AZ Maria Middelares
"POM's payment solutions help make the processing, collection and follow-up of traffic fines as efficient as possible. The QR payment code makes it very easy for citizens to quickly pay their fine."
Evi Vanolst

Evi Vanolst

Project Manager

FOD Justitie
"Thanks to the collaboration with POM, the payment experience for our customers has been greatly improved. Our invoices are paid more quickly and we have to spend less time on follow-up of erroneous payments."
Friedl Vandermeersch

Friedl Vandermeersch

Division Manager Customer Services


The power of cooperation

Together with our integration partners, payment services and other service providers, POM offers your organisation a powerful, complete solution.