Build a powerful debtor management process

From sending the invoice to the amicable collection: with POM, you can easily automate the entire debtor process. Design automated processes for outstanding invoices and immediately improve customer experience. With A/B testing and customer segmentation, you quickly find out which approach works best and you can take targeted actions for different customer groups.

Powerful debtor management

Healthy cash flow

Create, automate and optimise various debtor processes and improve your cash flow.

Save time

Checking daily whether an outstanding invoice has already been paid, sending a reminder when the payment term has passed, ... A debtor process is a time-consuming activity. With POM Collect, you automate the entire process and save a lot of time.

Better payment behaviour

Remind your customers of outstanding bills in a consistent way. Every single time. This ensures better payment behaviour.

Build a powerful debtor management process

Self learning and fully automated

With POM's flows, you can easily automate your organisation's entire debt collection process. Combine business rules with machine learning and POM's algorithms and create your ultimate, self-learning and fully automated collection process.

Easy set-up

Setting up flows is very easy. Together with your personal consultant and using our flow designer, you can easily design your most optimal debtor process. For example, opt for a digital invoice, with - if payment does not occur - an e-mail reminder with letter as a backup and, after ten days, a reminder SMS. In case of non-payment, set a collection fee increase in an e-mail reminder with SMS support. With our flow designer, you can also effortlessly create different flows for different groups of debtors.

A/B tests & monitoring

To keep flows as optimal as possible, POM's system performs extensive analysis and automatic A/B testing.

Also for your organisation?

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