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With POM Invoice, you can optimise your organisation's invoicing process. Create and send invoices via different channels and get paid faster thanks to QR codes or payment links.

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Invoicing made easy with POM

Whether you're sending paper or digital invoices, you can automate and simplify your billing process with POM Invoice. Combine our modern templates with your brand identity and choose your customer's favorite channel.

Template management

Easily create templates for invoices and reminders, fully aligned with your organization's corporate identity. Choose the appropriate tone-of-voice and easily adjust texts. With our convenient online Template Manager you're in control of your templates again!

Easy to adapt

Pick a template. Simply add your own content - without having to respond to change notifications all the time - and you're done. Because POM takes care of the rest.

Known and trusted

With POM's templates, all your invoices look neat and identical. Every time. This way, you create recognisability and thus a sense of security and trust among your customers.

Increased engagement

If you are sending a message, you will naturally want a response. The more personal you can be to the addressee, the more engagement you get. With POM Invoice, you can easily personalise the content of your e-mails, letters, text messages and Robocall templates with customer-specific or segment-specific data.

Template management

Multi-channel billing

With multi-channel billing from POM, you reach your customers through different channels with consistent and personalised messages. Whether you send via e-mail, online portals or by post, customers always receive relevant and fitting communication.


Reach your customers through their favourite channels and connect with them on a more personal and meaningful level.

Get paid faster

Give your customers multi-channel access to their invoices, facilitating and speeding up the payment process.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increase your customers' satisfaction and let them decide where, when and through which channel they want to pay their bill.

Multi-channel billing

High-performance email sending tool

Take advantage of our top-notch email sending tool and let your customers experience the convenience of digital payments. Send emails in the look and feel of your organisation and add a handy payment button.

Responsive design

Perfect display on PC, smartphone and tablet

High delivery rate

Emails rarely, if ever, end up in the spam folder.


Open & click rates, bounces, ... are reported and monitored.

High-performance email sending tool

Advanced printing solution

Digitize and automate the complete shipping process of your printed letters through POM's platform and save time and reduce costs. Add QR payment codes and increase payment convenience for your customers. POM works together with various print partners who are responsible for high-quality printing and fast & economical distribution via Bpost.

Competitive rates

Always the lowest possible stamp price on the market.

Logo on envelope

Your logo will be printed on the envelope at no extra cost.

No minimum volumes

POM handles both small and large print jobs.

Advanced printing solution

Get paid faster

Do you also want a smooth, simple, professional billing process and get paid faster? Discover what POM can do for your organisation!

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What our customers say

"We have been working with POM for more than 5 years now. It is an innovative player that thinks along with us and constantly listens to the changing needs of our customers."
Sabine D'haen

Sabine D'haen

Director Billing & Collection

"In POM we found an innovative and reliable partner to continuously improve our patient billing. POM covers the entire process from invoice template management to multi-channel delivery and digital payment options."
Kris Ranson

Kris Ranson

Head of Collections

AZ Maria Middelares
"POM's payment solutions help make the processing, collection and follow-up of traffic fines as efficient as possible. The QR payment code makes it very easy for citizens to quickly pay their fine."
Evi Vanolst

Evi Vanolst

Project Manager

FOD Justitie
"Thanks to the collaboration with POM, the payment experience for our customers has been greatly improved. Our invoices are paid more quickly and we have to spend less time on follow-up of erroneous payments."
Friedl Vandermeersch

Friedl Vandermeersch

Division Manager Customer Services



in various industries in Europe

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The power of cooperation

Together with our integration partners, payment services and other service providers, POM offers your organisation a powerful, complete solution.

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