High-performance email sending tool

POM sends millions of emails with payment requests on behalf of leading organisations every month. Make the switch now and let your customers too experience the convenience of digital payments.

High-performance email sending tool

Responsive design

Perfect display on PC, smartphone and tablet

High delivery rate

Emails rarely, if ever, end up in the spam folder.


Open & click rates, bounces, ... are reported and monitored.

High-performance email sending tool

Perfect on any screen

At POM, we make sure your emails always appear perfectly on your customers' screens. Whether that's the screen of their phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Before we release an email template into our system, we thoroughly test it on technology, design and usability. As such, we test each template on dozens of devices and e-mail clients.

Add buttons

With a payment button in your e-mail, you make it easy for your customers to pay their outstanding bill directly. But more can be done. You can add buttons to let a customer pay in instalments, but also to send them to a self-service portal, or to a page where objections can be handled.


The emails you send with POM include a security check. This is done using link validation, a link to a page where the recipient of the e-mail can validate the sender. This makes the e-mail difficult to counterfeit by fraudsters.

Also for your organisation?

Contact us for more information and rates. Both large and small organisations in a variety of sectors use POM.