Template management

Easily create templates for invoices and reminders, fully aligned with your organization's corporate identity. Choose the appropriate tone-of-voice and easily adjust texts. With our convenient online Template Manager you're in control of your templates again!

Template management

Easy to adapt

Pick a template. Simply add your own content - without having to respond to change notifications all the time - and you're done. Because POM takes care of the rest.

Known and trusted

With POM's templates, all your invoices look neat and identical. Every time. This way, you create recognisability and thus a sense of security and trust among your customers.

Increased engagement

If you are sending a message, you will naturally want a response. The more personal you can be to the addressee, the more engagement you get. With POM Invoice, you can easily personalise the content of your e-mails, letters, text messages and Robocall templates with customer-specific or segment-specific data.

Template management

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