Go next level with AI

Thanks to this smart, self-learning technology, POM knows exactly how your customer prefers to be approached. As a result, customers pay faster, without you having to do anything.

AI in credit management

Optimal personalisation

At POM, no one-size-fits-all solution. Our machine looks at each file individually. So you always create the best payment request for each individual debtor, with the greatest chance of payment.

Lower DSO

What would you do yourself if you received a payment request at exactly the right time, through your favourite channel and with a fine tone of voice? Pay quickly, right? And so will your customers. As a result, your invoices will stay unpaid for less time (on average).

Continuous improvement

With POM's AI tools, you achieve better payment results while hardly having to do anything yourself. The computer does all the hard work. Moreover, the system never stands still. It continuously works on improving the collection strategy. Just until you achieve the most effective payment collection approach.

Go next level with AI

Optimise your customer's payment experience

With AI from POM, you will always approach your customers in the most effective way. Customers will proceed to payment faster, without you having to do anything yourself.

Get paid faster without effort

Get customers to pay faster without you having to do anything at all. You can do that with POM AI & Machine Learning.

The know-it-all

Thanks to POM AI, our system knows exactly how best to approach your customers to get paid quickly. The machine looks at your customer's profile and payment history and which tools (e-mail, SMS, letter or phone) and tone of voice (from very friendly to strict) they respond best to. You yourself can specify the degree of severity and frequency, even if you have large numbers of debtors in your portfolio. The machine then calculates which combination of tools is needed to get the account paid quickly. That combination becomes the next collection action.


With POM AI, there is no 'one-fits-all' solution. The machine weighs each case individually. So you always have the best payment request with your debtor, with the highest probability of payment.


To make POM AI work optimally, the system continuously runs automatic A/B tests.

Also for your organisation?

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