Mail to Pay is now also called POM in the Netherlands and Germany

Mail to Pay Group, the Dutch parent company of POM, has a new name. From now on, the entire group will operate under one name: POM. The name change was prompted by the phase the company is in, following the merger between Mail to Pay and POM in 2022. The change also comes with a new logo and corporate identity. "With the new name, we show that we are ready for the future."

Mail to Pay is now also called POM in the Netherlands and Germany

In December 2022, Belgian payment specialist POM and Dutch credit management software developer Mail to Pay merged to form the Mail to Pay Group. Initially, POM and Mail to Pay kept their old names. But that's changing now. The reason: the outstanding results of the merger. "Beyond expectations, in fact," says Johannes Vermeire, CEO and co-founder of POM Belgium. "Our joint innovative offering of digital payment solutions and automated follow-up of invoices appeals to many organizations. We have made great strides in the past year." POM Group CEO Kees Neven: "Internally, our organisations also grew well together. We have therefore decided to present ourselves under one name – POM – from now on."

More than just payment emails

The fact that POM was chosen – instead of Mail to Pay – is because the name Mail to Pay no longer suffices. "It hasn't really covered what we do for a long time," says Neven. "Organizations that don't know us well often mistakenly think that we only send payment emails. While we offer all kinds of innovative tools that put us at the forefront of our market, such as Machine Learning and the Payment Plan Bot. POM is a much better fit."

Peace of Mind

Because POM stands for peace of mind, Vermeire explains. "We offer peace of mind in the administration. We remove every possible obstacle in the payment process, so that there is no reason for a customer not to pay immediately. Our mission is to provide a pleasant and effortless user experience: if you use POM, you pay with a smile," says Vermeire. "There is also a social component to this. We offer someone with payment problems options to still be able to pay, without immediately confronting them with increases. In addition, we lighten the load of an organisation's credit management or invoicing team by automating as much as possible – from the first invoice to the last reminder. In this way, we create peace of mind on both sides."

Better, faster, more social and at lower cost

Peace of mind translates into three components: POM Invoice, POM Payment and POM Collect. "This encompasses the entire order-to-cash process," says Neven. "With our new POM Invoice service, organizations can now also send their invoices through us. POM Payment then ensures that the consumer can pay that invoice as easily as possible and with POM Collect we offer a platform for the reminder and dunning process. In this way, we help organizations to collect better, faster, more socially and at lower costs with the help of smart digital techniques."

Continuous innovation

In the meantime, POM continues to develop new innovations. The company recently introduced the interactive payment video, which energy supplier Luminus is already gratefully using. Experiments are also being carried out with palm payments. "A palm print is as unique as a fingerprint," Vermeire explains. "We see the application of this mainly in organizations such as sports clubs and school canteens. After a one-time registration, club members and students can pay quickly and securely with the palm of their hand."

Preventing problematic debt

In addition, POM's human and empathetic approach helps prevent clients from quickly ending up in the debt industry. "Recent years have seen an increase in the number of registered problematic debts," says Neven. "We offer people with payment problems options to still be able to pay, without immediately confronting them with increases. This is yielding results: thanks to our tooling, up to 52 per cent fewer customers end up at a collection agency. More and more organisations therefore approach us asking to shape their CSR policy with a social credit management process."


With these changes, POM shows that it is ready for the future, also internationally. "This year we are really working on putting POM on the map in Germany," Neven looks ahead. "Because that's where we can really help organisations to take significant steps in the digitization of the order-to-cash process. And ultimately, from there we want to go further into Europe!"

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