New 'Invoices' feature in the Payconiq by Bancontact app

POM and Bancontact Payconiq Company are launching a new service in the Payconiq by Bancontact app to simplify your personal administration. From now on, it will be possible to receive and pay invoices directly within the app's secure environment.

Receive and pay invoices directly in the Payconiq by Bancontact app

Millions of Belgians already use the Payconiq by Bancontact app to make mobile payments in stores, at restaurants or among friends. And now - thanks to the cooperation with POM - it will also be possible to receive and pay invoices directly in the app. A smooth and secure payment experience is paramount.

App users are notified of new invoices via notifications. Copying payment details from the invoice is a thing of the past: everything is pre-filled in the app. The payment only has to be confirmed. Invoices are thus paid not only quickly and securely, but also without errors.

The new service in the Payconiq by Bancontact app also provides a convenient overview of all the received invoices, with its status: unpaid (including the payment term), paid or expired.

One-time consent

To activate the new feature, Payconiq by Bancontact app users give permission once to share their account details (email address and phone number). These data are then compared with data available from participating suppliers. If the data match, future invoices will automatically appear in the app.

For which invoices?

Energy supplier Luminus, water company Farys and HR service provider Daoust, among others, are making this new payment option available to their customers from the launch. More than 500 schools and several hospitals are also introducing it. In the coming weeks and months, the list of participating organizations will continue to grow.

Still on paper or digitally

App users will continue to receive their invoices in the usual way (digital or paper). With the new feature 'Invoices', the payment transaction is pre-loaded in the Payconiq by Bancontact app with a link to where the invoice is located (e.g. My Luminus, eBox, ...). It is therefore an additional way to pay invoices smoothly and securely.

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Solution against phishing and overflowing mailboxes

The new functionality also provides an answer to the growing problems of phishing on the one hand and overflowing mailboxes on the other.

Last year, as many as 10 million suspicious messages were reported to Safeonweb, two thirds more than in 2022. The scammers are also becoming increasingly professional: they mimic the layout of invoices almost perfectly. Invoice fraud is unfortunately on the rise.

In addition, another phenomenon is surfacing: 1 in 4 Belgians regularly miss invoices due to an overflowing mailbox. Important mails are hard to find among the many spam and promotional messages.

"When you receive an invoice in the Payconiq by Bancontact app, you can be 100% sure that it is a legitimate payment request. The Payconiq by Bancontact app thus acts as a safe harbor, so to speak, where invoices can dock. The notifications in the app also help you not to lose track of the documents that are yet to be paid," clarifies Tom Totté, co-founder of POM.

Versatile payment app

In recent years, the Payconiq by Bancontact app has become a versatile payment app with various services. In addition to mobile payments online and in stores, you can use it to buy train -, tram - or bus tickets, make mobile meal voucher payments, donate to charities, ... and now also receive and pay invoices.

"This new feature of the Payconiq by Bancontact app underlines our ambition to continuously improve the payment experience of our users in a variety of payment situations. Thanks to this new service, the administrative effort for Belgian consumers is reduced to the absolute minimum. At the same time, we are also helping companies to receive payments more smoothly and correctly," says Nathalie Vandepeute, CEO of Bancontact Payconiq Company.