360-degree customer profile

Get instant insight into your customer's most important data, such as: paid and outstanding bills, payment requests and messages already sent and much more.

360-degree customer profile

All data in one place

Gather all data in a well-organised system and access comprehensive reports and insights about your customers.


No more unnecessary switching between different systems. With Case Reporting in POM Collect, you can access your customer's entire history in one click.

Customer friendly

Instant insight into a case improves communication with customers. So you can answer questions quickly and offer your customers the best possible service.

360-degree customer profile

The entire customer history in just a few clicks

With Case Handling, you get instant insight into your customer's entire history. Important data such as: paid and outstanding invoices, payment requests and messages already sent, future messages, flows, outstanding tasks and much more are available with just a few clicks.

From individual views to comprehensive reports

With Case Handling, you can easily access comprehensive reports of customer cases. These reports also include the possibility to compare templates and flow performance. In addition, the system functions as an electronic archive for all your sent messages.

Also for your organisation?

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